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Youth With a Mission 

Brian and Anna Kleinsasser

For this report, we’ll be praying for Brian and Anna Kleinsasser who moved out of Youth with a Mission Headquarters in Kansas City, Mo. To be “hands-on” missionaries at the grass roots level in Cosa Rica. We first met Brian and Anna when they were young missionaries in Hong Kong. We followed them and their growing family to Australia, and then to New Zealand before they were moved to YWAM HQ in Kansas City. Currently, Costa Rica has closed its boarders, so Brian and Anna are now moving to YWAM Long Beach, CA.

Brian writes: “We are so grateful to Rim Church and cherish the years of partnership we have together.”

Please PRAY:

--For the effectiveness of their grass-roots mission work that has always been Brian and Anna’s first love.

--For Brian and Anna’s teaching the School of Sustainable Development.

--For programs and outreaches they are pursuing to reach the people in Costa Rica.

--For the effectiveness of the many training and development programs they are using to train YWAM staff members and visiting groups..

--For the safety of the mission site and freedom from the Coronavirus, both in Costa Rica and during the family's visits and flights in the states.

For Daniel as he chooses a life path after his graduation from High School. May the Holy Spirit protect and guide him.

--For the Lord’s best blessing for the Kleinsasser family at home and in Costa Rica.