Youth With a Mission 

Brian and Anna Kleinsasser

For this report, we’ll be praying for Brian and Anna Kleinsasser who moved out of Youth with a Mission Headquarters in Kansas City, Mo. To be “hands-on” missionaries at the grass roots level in Cosa Rica. We first met Brian and Anna when they were young missionaries in Hong Kong. We followed them and their growing family to Australia, and then to New Zealand before they were moved to YWAM HQ in Kansas City.

This is Costa Rica in central America. You can see Panama to the south and Nicaragua to the north. In the middle of the country is the capital city of San Jose, and just 6 miles north of there, where the arrow is pointing is Heredia.

YWAM Heredia hosts short-term outreaches, local evangelism , Discipleship Training Schools and The School of Sustainable Development.

The mission site has become a training center for the School of Sustainable Development. The School trains people in EMT skills and reaches out to the poor with water collection, purification, and storage; food production; energy production; animal care; and they teach the Biblical basis for being good stewards of God’s creation.

Right now the complex is locked down—isolated from the community because of Cronavirus safety procedures. The current class carefully completed the schooling within the complex.

The training school has developed a thriving greenhouse full of innovative farming techniques that are proving very successful. Students come from around the world along with local farmers to share the knowledge. 

One of the innovations is this aquaponic water factory made from a few low cost parts. The ammonia from decomposing fish is transferred to the water, which then is sent to the garden where it provides the chemistry to turn low quality dirt into a rich growing environment.

The second picture is Anna and Soo’s solar oven. They start the class time with a loaf of banana bread mix in the oven, move it a few times to keep it aimed at the sun, and by the end of class: hot, steaming banana bread. It is amazing that the little oven can cook effectively with no wood, gas, or electricity…just the sun.

This is the newest member of the sustainable development school. 

Cute, but don’t turn your back on him!

One of their agricultural projects was raising these two pigs. They arrived as tiny piglets, and became part of the family. Then came butchering day—the next stage in the project. They are food, after all, and not pets. But Anna is the kind of person who collects a spider from inside the house, relocates it outside, and wishes it a long and happy life. This was very hard for her.

Brian and Anna have been working on training videos for sustainable development lessons and for Biblical lessons during the shutdown. In addition, Anna has been a student in the School of Leadership and Ministry Development, a major effort since last September. She graduated with 4 others.

Daniel is their youngest son, and Brian and Anna wanted to attend his high school graduation. After three cancellations, they made it out. This was a special flight arranged by the U.S. Embassy for Americans trapped in Costa Rica by the shutdown. Daniel’s graduation was cancelled twice, but is scheduled to take place today (26 July) in Kansas City. Then they will come to California where they have family. We hope to arrange to see them here at Rim Church sometime in August.

Brian writes: “We are so grateful to Rim Church and cherish the years of partnership we have together.”

Please PRAY:

--For the effectiveness of their grass-roots mission work that has always been Brian and Anna’s first love.

--For Brian and Anna’s teaching the School of Sustainable Development.

--For programs and outreaches they are pursuing to reach the people in Costa Rica.

--For the effectiveness of the many training and development programs they are using to train YWAM staff members and visiting groups..

--For the safety of the mission site and freedom from the Coronavirus, both in Costa Rica and during the family's visits and flights in the states.

For Daniel as he chooses a life path after his graduation from High School. May the Holy Spirit protect and guide him.

--For the Lord’s best blessing for the Kleinsasser family at home and in Costa Rica.