Milt and Carolyn Monell work out of Campus Crusade for Christ Headquarters in Orlando, Florida. They were our youth leaders here at Rim Church some years ago, and Milt is the guy who had 10 stints in his heart. 

I say “had” 10 stints in his heart because on Leap Day, February 29th, he had another heart attack with 100% blockage, so the 11th stint was quickly added after a quick trip through the emergency room and immediate transfer to the cath lab. One of his former surgeons happened to be available in the cath lab, so he was able to provide the background of Milt’s problem with too much iron in the blood, and guide the surgery. God is so Good!  

He is now regaining his strength and restarting his busy schedule.

His current project is the Go 2020 USA project designed to reach out to 1 billion people around the world in May.

What should you do to reach your someone?


Everyone can pray for someone.

Who is someone in at work, your neighborhood, or in your family? Start with a prayer list of 5.


Everyone can show someone they care.

Who is someone on your heart to reach out to? Be alert to ways you can care and take action.


Everyone can share with someone.

Who is someone you would like to share Jesus with? Be intentional in starting a gospel conversation

While this project may be limited in some ways by the Corona virus situation, it may also benefit from more time to connect with people, even if not face-to-face. Here is a link where you can get more information:

You may remember that they lost Carolyn’s mom over the Christmas holidays, and moved her dad to their neighborhood where they could look after him. All of this has put more of a strain on their schedules and their finances. It’s pretty clear that Satan doesn’t like all of the work the Monells are doing in their ministry with Campus crusade, with their local church, and with regional and state Christian organizations in Florida. It’s clear that they need our prayers and support.

One of their prayer requests is for a replacement vehicle for their nearly 20-year-old Chrysler PT Cruiser. It’s been a good ride for 250,000 miles, but now spends too much of its time at the shop. They’ve saved up some, but need more to get a replacement. There’s a special web address if you’d like to contribute for this need:

Please pray:

§For Milt’s full recovery after this most recent heart attack, and for resolution of the root causes of his history of heart attacks. 

§For Milt and Carolyn, as they grieve the loss of Carolyn’s mom, and for Carolyn as she becomes the primary care giver for her dad.

§For Milt’s strength and comfort as he goes through the steps of rehabilitation. 

§We pray for the success of the Go2020 outreach, that it would be a success in the midst of the corona virus limitations.

§For the Lord’s provision to meet the financial obligations of Milt and Carolyn as they struggle to pay medical, travel bills and replace their aging car. Finances have become even more of an issue because of this heart attack.

§For the continued effectiveness of the prayer ministry of Milt and Carolyn, and the many projects and outreaches they pursue in their ministry.